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How do you enter a new team into Winchester Table Tennis League?

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We really welcome new teams into the League! If you and a group of 3-4 friends are interested in entering a team, the following may help.

Rather than starting a new club, it's often easier to join one of the existing Clubs in the area and enter a team under their umbrella (see here). They will have a table, adequate lighting and space, and may be able to get better terms for hall hire.

Contact to get started.

  • Players: 3 people make up a team, male and/or female. You're likely to need 1 or 2 reserves as well. Make sure everyone is committed to play a full season (September to March, most weeks!).
  • Playing Standard: If you're not sure if you and your friends are up to League standard, go along to Kings Table Tennis Club on a Monday evening and make yourselves known to the organisers as being interested in forming a League team. There are no formal restrictions on playing standards, but it's no fun being slaughtered every week, even in the friendliest way!
  • Juniors: We don't currently have a Division exclusively for Juniors (under 18s), much as we would like to! Teams are encouraged to welcome juniors, and we try to meet their need to finish by a reasonable time.
  • Accommodation: You'll need a room at least 20' by 15' and a reasonable-quality table and net.
    Teams currently play anywhere from Sports Halls and Village Halls to a well-equipped garden room.
  • Money: Table Tennis is not expensive. Registering a team and its 4 players (say) in the League costs about 60 for 6 months of play, about 22 weeks. Juniors (under 18) are charged less. Hiring a hall for home matches costs up to about 5 per hour for 3 hours.
  • Time: League matches can occur on any weekday, usually Monday to Thursday. Matches start at 7:30 pm and last up to 3 hours. Matches involving Juniors may start earlier and finish earlier (especially if two tables are used).
  • Social side: League matches are played in a friendly, sociable way, and a 15-minute refreshments interval means there's time to socialise!