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Team Eliminating Cup
Winchester Table Tennis Association
Team Eliminating Cup 2019-20
Semis to be played by 21st February.
Home team to arrange fixture. Contact info has been emailed to all team captains by League Sec Jill Wilson.
First Round
Second Round
Hursley } IBM A 5 } IBM A 5 } IBM A }
IBM A (w/o)
IBM B 1 } Five Tees C 1
Five Tees C 8
Bye } Five Tees A 7 } Five Tees A 3
Five Tees A
Five Tees D 0 } Kings B 2
Kings B 6
Bye } Medstead A 5 } Medstead A 5 } Medstead A
Medstead A
IBM C } Winnall 1
Winnall (w/o)
Bye } Kings A } Five Tees B 1
Kings A
Bye } Five Tees B (w/o)
Five Tees B